(DE)light is a project that reinterprets the concept of light as we know it. (DE)light brings together the archetypical components of light – lamp and bulb - from an atypical point of view. (DE)light is about freeing light from its solid cage and bringing it back to its intangible essence. (DE)light is the starting point for a new way of thinking about the everyday objects that surround us. (DE)light poses an open question on how (beautiful) things can be.

(DE)light is about envisioning a more enchanting future – and making it real.


For more information you can see my article A dream of liquid light.

Through a series of objects, light is presented to the user in an innovative form - as a liquid -, thus challenging the perception and expectations about this element. It is placed in a non-familiar context, therefore heightening the user’s perception and achieving a more impacting experience. The liquid glows intrinsically, without any black light source or special ambiance required, achieving an infinite potential of applications.


In (DE)light, the user is confronted with a series of objects that remind of the traditional lamp typology at the first sight but become surprising when interacting with them. The contrast between the perception of what is seen – a traditional lamp whose operation appears predictable – and what is experienced – light as a tangible element that can be touched and felt – reinforces the enchantment of the interaction. Light is not just a functional commodity but also a delightful experience. By freeing it from its physical container – the bulb –, light returns to its primary significance, that of an element which appears magical, intangible and liberated. Liquid light enriches the experience of light, allowing the user to enjoy it directly. Eventually, this project broadens the user conception of light and gives him the possibility of imaging new lighting scenarios. It is not anymore about designing lamps – it is about designing light.

The poetical and practical potential of having light without the need of a solid source is hugely appealing. I want this project to draw attention to new possible ways of rethinking objects, instead of evolving just to a better performance of the things already existing.


  • Shortlisted  - Release 1.0 Awards 2008.


(DE)light has been published at Core 77 · Yanko Design · Inside Outside Magazine · HiComm Magazine · Dealer DeLuxe.


© 2008, Cristina Ferraz Rigo.