“Create the best phone ever… beyond”

This project took a bold look at the mobile phone within the context of a world in where the traditional definitions of modes of communications, users and services are undergoing almost unbelievable morphing, crossover and change.

The solution was to design a phone as a whole, in which the highest technology – artificial intelligence, optic nanotechnology and advance 3d interface programming – is used to create an element that grows and adapt with you, blurring itself to let you achieve the most natural communication possible.

The phone adapts itself to the user, modifying software and interface to deliver an easy interaction experience. Also, the tactile screen changes physically to give you a nearness feeling.


The soul: growing software.

Communication is about people, not about devices. It is about you communicating easily with your friends. It is about finding all of them in your phone.

The software element of the phone includes a novel interface system. On one hand, the interface is arranged based on your contacts. Your contacts are displayed as your friends; to communicate with them, you just have to click on the person you want and all the options of communicating with that person will appear: phone, SMS, Facebook, email, Twitter... On the other hand, the interface is designed in an innovative manner.

All the elements are arranged in a tree-like shaped interface, which in turn is mapped onto a 3d sphere. Dislike common interfaces in a list-like format, these model allows you to navigate as if you were climbing a tree. This is combined with artificial intelligence, that arranges your most-visited contacts and options automatically, putting in the forefront the ones you use most and leaving for the background those you hardly click on them. 

The artificial intelligence also recognizes, due to the genomic classification of software, applications you might like and downloads them automatically, making the phone evolve. The result is an intuitive and totally customizable novel interface that allows you to navigate quickly and without hassle.


The body: growing hardware.

What if you had a phone that could grow buttons? Or a phone that could feel your touch and then come to life? Or a phone that could show your friends jumping out of it?

This phone does it. Just hold it – your fingerprint will be recognized and a subtle 3d ripple will be displayed on the screen to let you feel that it has already loaded your profile. From now on, your phone is only yours. It will only react to your showing your personal profile configuration and allowing you to transfer it to any other device. You can have your whole virtual profile at once just with your fingertip.

Let yourself be caressed by its 3d screen. It is not only functional but also pleasant. Now you can zoom in and out in three dimensions with the simple use of your finger and grow buttons when you need them. For the first time, you can literally feel an electronic device. The screen uses advanced nano fibre-optic technology to achieve a 3d screen that can change physically shape in an endless way. The pictures of the models show how the screen is physically reconfigured for different scenarios – profile loading, navigation, texting, and addition of software.

The design of the hardware also included aesthetics. The nature of “blank canvas” was expressed by designing sleek and natural surface, joined with organic forms, that gives the phone a neutral appearance to achieve an object that doesn’t disturb the interaction user-device. The back of the phone shows how all the connection and devices you might need are present but subtly disguised in the design.



Auxo has been published at Yanko Design.


© 2008, Cristina Ferraz Rigo.