I took part in the "Liberation of Light" exhibition by Yksi with my project (DE)light - an exploration on new lighting paradigms.

Artists, architects and designers are rated amongst the worldwide frontrunners in applying new lighting technology such as LED and OLED. The exhibition "Liberation of Light" showed that LEDs are much more than small, sustainable 'lamps'. Light has literally been freed from the casing of that familiar bulb. A light revolution has manifested itself - as big as or perhaps even greater than the invention of the light bulb 150 years ago.

'Liberation of Light' was first presented in the fall of 2010 at the Designhuis Eindhoven, where it attracted national and international praise. In 2011 the exhibition travelled to Beijing and Guangzhou in China. From March 9th till May 18th it was exhibited in Eindhoven again at Yksi Expo.

You can read more about the exhibition in this Designboom article.