The 3rd age of Lighting is a visionary idea I developed for Philips Lighting as part of its thought leadership strategy.

It is a story about light. About how light revolutions always had a great impact on mankind evolution itself. And how we have the privilege of being first-row witnesses to the last-known light era, the 3rd age of light.

The 3rd age of lighting is about engaging people on the importance of lighting. It is about sharing the excitement of the next light revolution.



Webinar - The 3rd age of Lighting

I have worked with Cristina on the topic of design driven innovation. I was responsible for the technical team, Cristina lead a team of designers. Together we organized a series of work shops to come up with unique design propositions for LED lighting. Cristina hosted the work shops, processed the work shop outcomes and disseminated the results. She took a very well structured approach and combined this with great energy, creativity and inspiration. I got to know her as one of the persons that can really make a difference in an environment with people with different backgrounds and she can lift the performance and outcomes of the team around her.
— Rob Tousain, Director Project Management Office, Philips Lighting