Cristina Ferraz

Creative strategist & Innovator

You see things as they are and ask,


I dream things as they never were and ask,

“Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw


As a creative strategist with more than 9 years of international experience I help companies determining what to make and do, why do it and how to do it.

My focus is on how to innovate contextually - both immediately and over the long term - by leading and executing strategy plans from a creative approach, discovering and synthesizing multidisciplinary insights, and directing multiple stakeholders to create new products, services and processes. 

Although that might sound very much confusing, what I do is simple: I deal with ideas. I have ideas, choose ideas, share ideas, grow ideas and make them happen.


I am naturally curious, passionate about ideas, insolent to preconceptions and I am always reaching out to learn from everything and everyone around.

I find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

I am also a photography lover, an anxious reader, a wannabe globetrotter, a bit of a techno-geek and a very lazy cook.


A permanently work-in-progress project, I use this website as an interface between me and the world. You'll find a bit of what I do, what I've worked on, what I like, and what I talk about. 

This website shapes a collection of work and thoughts on creativity, innovation and design but there is space for a lot more - design is creativity, creativity is curiosity, and curiosity doesn't have limits.